Artemis is a translation and Localization Company based in Cairo, Egypt, focuses on offering language solutions leverage to business strategy introducing your product to the Globe.

In December 2012, Artemis was established by experienced professionals from different but related fields, highly specialized talents, helping markets understands your ideas better through there wide spread knowledge in diverse fields.

Artemis main goal is the expanding of your business through exposure to different cultures all around the world through our top-notch consulting and multilingual and multicultural services.

We are very detail-oriented without avoiding the big picture and our commitment to quality is second to none.

Artemis: We chose our corporate identity to take into account the evocative characteristics of an ancient Greek deity, a flair for hunting associated with the sweeter notion of feminine energy.

The modern business version of this association combines the values we believe in an organic approach to globalization in a rapidly changing world by preserving local culture and heritage.

Our vision is to provide an accurate translation as well as embracing changes and creativity to deliver the best practical outcomes, to ensure that your message and intent has been delivered to your clients as initially intended by your business.

Language is the tool with which we build intercultural communication for our clients and their customers, employees and prospects.

We take this responsibility seriously and earn the satisfaction of knowing that our work allows companies of all sizes to communicate effectively with people who do not speak the same language.

We understand that the nuance of the language can make or break a business relationship in today’s global village, where expectations are high, but the time is often short.

Artemis has been in action since 2012 collaborating with major domestic and international companies, dealing in a wide variety of business sectors, delivering large scale of services across the globe.

Our core team has accumulated a wealth of experience through their past career development.

Our experts’ capability and diverse experience includes but not limited to the followings:

Life Science (biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, biomedical,technologies, life systems technologies, nutraceuticals, cosmeceuticals, food processing, environmental, biomedical devices)

Transportation (Motor vehicles, Electronic vehicles, solar vehicles, Underground, High-speed, Trucks, Airplanes, Motorbikes, Manuals, Safety Spare Parts and Equipment)

Software Localization  (Operating systems, mobile apps, website localization, Software license, Cloud & Saas, CMMS software, Security, Big Data, Gadgets, Legal, Medical, ERP systems).

Manufacturing (Food, textile, apparel, Paper and Printing Leather and allied, Apparel, wood products, petroleum, chemicals, nonmetal and metal manufacturing computer and electronics, electrical equipment, Miscellaneous)

Health & Sports (Nutrition, Sports Marketing, Health and fitness, Outdoor, Aquatic, Extreme Sports, Events, Training Materials)

Security & Defense (Electronic Systems, Arm Manufacturers, Ammunition, Military aircraft, Military vehicles, Ships, Military technology, material, Special Equipment, Researches and Engineering)

Artemis Team strives to exceed expectations and be the best that we can be, maintaining the highest level of quality.

Artemis principles are quality, competitive prices and minimum delivery deadlines. Hence, we take great care selecting our team of project managers, IT engineers, localization engineers, terminologists, translators, proofreaders and layout technicians, who are trust worthy due to their academic training, experience, values and talent.

We are a fair and supportive employer wherefore we attract seasoned professionals with proven track records and brilliant minds. Their ideas and commitment fuel our company’s success.

Our main aim is to insure our client’s satisfaction. Therefore, we work with quality guidelines, which helps us to perfect our work and enhance our procedures, reaching an optimal results in the shortest time period possible.

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